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Travel Culture Dotcom is a website maintained by Mr. Malindu Malaka. He not only read books and accumulated knowledge but also traveled throughout Asia and studied its culture. But, He has read over 10000 books, many of which are written about Asia. during your visit to this website, You will be able to learn a lot of things about the culture of Asia. He is a traveler with over 10 years of experience as well as a knowledge accumulator.

He completed his schooling well and is a strong government professional, he holds a degree in ICBT from the Institute of Chartered Sanskrit and Development. His next hope is to travel the world and read books and teach the world about culture

You can learn a lot about religion, art, and culture by visiting this website. This site will provide step-by-step guides for anyone who wants to learn and for those who want to enjoy art and culture. So we will do our best to respond to all your comments and you can sign up for our weekly newsletter if you wish. So We hope you like our content and we always appreciate your feedback.

Thank you all