Andare wakes up in the morning and goes to the shop near the house every day with money from his mother.

He goes there to eat hoppers.

The hopper is made by a grandmother. The grandmother gives Andare small hoppers.

Andare sadly ate those little hoppers.

Andare decided to teach the grandmother a lesson.

One day when Andare went to the shop, as usual, his grandmother gave Andare four small hoppers.

Andare asked, “Grandma, why are these hoppers so small?” The grandmother replied, “Small children like small hoppers. They are small so the hoppers are easy to carry.”

Andare listened and without saying a word threw the money on the table and fled.

Grandma counted the money.  “God, there’s less money here.”

Grandma started running behind Andare, saying, “Hey, don’t run, Andare.”

Andare shouted from a distance.  “Why are you telling me to stop?”

“There’s less money here,” Grandma said Andare said with a laugh.  “I paid less to make it easier for you to count” ?‍♀️?‍♂️ ???

Andare and Grandma’s Hopper

This is a process I just started. I wanted to tell you the beautiful stories of Asia. The above is one short story. Do you want to know the beautiful stories of Asia? Do you like this process? If you like this, leave a comment

Thank you All ?

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