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One of most the important milestones to talk about Asian cultures is Sri Lanka where we first discuss Sri Lanka. So,

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Let us set foot on the island of Sri Lanka, because


The Bandaranaike International Airport at Katunayake, around 30km north of Colombo, is Sri Lanka international airport but transportation to and from the airport is available in the form of buses and taxis. so

There are several shop in there transit and departure lounge of the Bandaranaike International Airport which sell gems, ceramics, handicrafts, batiks, cut- flowers, books and picture so postcards of Sri Lanka.




Carved out of wood, make of brass and silver, decorated with lacquer, hand-woven fabrics and lace, beautiful reeds, attractive batik, pottery, masks and etc. are among the handicrafts make by the traditional craftsmen of Sri Lanka. So,

These are available at the Government Handicrafts Emporium ‘Laksala’ in Colombo and its major branches in major cities and towns and private handicraft shops.


Brass ware and Silverware

Traditional brass products are widely used as decorative items in Sri Lankan homes. but These include Claude oil lamps, discs, wall hangings, lamp stands, religious statues, ornate images, jars, letter openers and discs, serviette holders, cigar retainer cans and matchbox holders among many other articles. Silver is used to make more powerful objects, such as tea utensils, jewelry, trays, spoons, forks and other utility items.

Brassware and Silverware


The wax of a colorful, dramatic fabric designer resists the dye technology of Indonesian origin. Batik trade based on the cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. But there are colorful and colorful batik designs in Sri Lanka. Batik cloth, scarves, wall hangings Batik items are make by boys and girls in rural areas.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is done by traditional craftsmen from the Kandyan region and the people of Galle.  Religious and secular objects, furniture, figs so wall hangings are among the few items carved in wood. This art extends to the decoration of doors, pillars, gates and places of worship. So Moratuwa, a suburb of Colombo, is famous for its wooden furniture.

Wood Carving

Lacquer Work

This is a skill craft used by traditional craftsmen in the Kandyan region. Because workers in the Kandyan region use fingernail technology, a unique style, to create patterns such as ashtrays, teaspoons, decorative pots and collector’s jewelry boxes.

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