Asia has a somewhat romantic-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Some countries have embraced the Western holiday, and have even made their unique turn for it – other countries are not so keen on the concept. February 14 Let’s find out what that means across Asia.

Sri Lanka ranked 8th globally in Valentine’s Day popularity

Colombo, Feb 14 (Xinhua) – Sri Lanka has been ranked eighth in the world in a global study of places where Valentine’s Day is most popular, local media reports. Chefs Pencil, a globally popular online cookbook, claims that Sri Lanka is a widely popular love cake and that the island celebrates Valentine’s Day in various languages ​​for parties, gifts, dinners, pictures, and cards.

“We did not think of this ridiculous association at first, as the Sri Lankan government launched a marketing campaign last year to promote love cakes and Sri Lankan cuisine,” but So says the Global Survey. Made in Sri Lanka, Love Cake is a popular dry cake made by local chefs with fruits, nuts, flavors, and essences. Cake has been a popular local culture for centuries and has become an integral part of the culinary identity of Sri Lanka.

Florists say flower sales have also increased compared to previous years.


Instead of giving contradictory gifts, on February 14th, Japanese women are tasked with appreciating the men in their lives – usually in the form of chocolate. But There are two main types of Valentine’s chocolates. One is Giri Choco, literally “bonding chocolate”, which is given to platonic boyfriends such as friends and colleagues. The other is Choco or “real feeling chocolate”.

How can a recipient tell the difference? Giri Choco is the most affordable variant and Home Choco is immediately recognizable by its top brand and fancy packaging. Some women even like to make their homemade chocolate because they believe that handmade chocolate is more heartfelt.

Tables are rotate one month after the “white day”. So Men who bought chocolates on Valentine’s Day on March 14 are expect to return the item. so The festival was invent by a small candy store in the 1970s that encouraged people to buy marshmallows for their girlfriends. But It was originally call “Marshmallow Day,” but was later rename “White Day” to include everything sugary.

What if you got nothing? In recent years, the third batch of Valentine’s Day chocolates has also become popular – Jibun Choco or “I Chocolate”.

South Korea

South Koreans celebrate like Japan with both Valentine’s Day and White Day. But there is also a third day – the black day. So Celebrated on April 14th, this unofficial holiday is a day for singles to get together, dress up in colorful costumes and drown their grief in large jars of jaggery (noodles in black bean sauce). but Some restaurants even hold Jejunmione eating competitions on this day.


There are several days in the Chinese calendar dedicate to romance. but The last day of the lunar New Year celebration – the festival of lights mark on the 15th of the first lunar month (sometimes coinciding with February 14) – is consider the closest resemblance to Valentine’s Day. So, This means that it is a good time for singles to meet their future partners.

May 20 is another important day for the Chinese, as the pronunciation for “Five Zero” is “I love you”. This provides a great social media opportunity for couples to share their photos, usually with the hashtag # 520. No wonder it is a popular day for weddings.

Then there is the Kikshi festival, also known as the Double Seventh Festival, which takes place on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month (usually August). Celebrated since the Han Dynasty, the festival is centered on a love story called “Howard and Weaver Girl”.
Of course, there is also Single Day on November 11th – also known as the largest online shopping in the world.


Valentine’s Day is popular among Cambodian teenagers, despite government criticism that the holiday violates “Khmer values.” The country’s Ministry of Education issues an annual Valentine’s Day warning, reminding young people not to use the holiday as an excuse to engage in sexual activity. The issue of sexual desire in Cambodia has also been raise by the day.


Valentine’s Day is a relatively new holiday in India and its arrival has been undisputed. Some right-wing groups have taken action against the day, with protests taking place in the streets and on the Internet.


Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population, has banned Valentine’s Day celebrations, and several cities have banned Valentine’s Day celebrations. But unofficially many Indonesians seem to enjoy the features of the holiday. So This year, Garuda, a national carrier, is even hosting a specially inspired Valentine’s Day concert for the occasion. So,


Valentine’s Day has become popular among Pakistanis in recent years, with former President Mamnoon Hussain frustrated and urging the nation to refrain from celebrating in 2016, declaring that the holiday “has nothing to do with our culture.” So

North Korea

In North Korea, February 14 marks the day that the late leader Kim Jong Un will be posthumously awarded the title of the country’s highest military rank, Dawson (Generalissimo).

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