Yoga comes from a rich tradition and, over time, loses its origins.  It is a vision and a practice at the same time. As a philosophy, yoga is a magical illusion that clearly tells us who we are, where we came from, and where we are from. As a practice, yoga is a technique by which the historian helps us to awaken our passive abilities, strengthen our body, direct our mind, and become anything we want to lock our limits.

Yoga is the epitome of the collective experience of thousands of followers and candidates.

Yoga is the epitome of the collective experience of thousands of veterans and candidates over the centuries.  Born in the East, it entered the New World in increments.  It took nearly a century for the West to fully express itself here.  Swami, a great Indian yogi, officially entered the new world of yoga in 1893 Vivekananda addressed the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. By the late 1960s, “yoga rays” were active. 

Some novice teachers tell us their approaches to Combined Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and so on.  Some emphasized the transmission of spiritual energy from teacher to student, and the idea that yoga was a mystical way of focusing on the teacher.  Others underestimate the spiritual of yoga and realize that yoga was a form of asana practice. So others taught yoga as a religion.

At the same time, these various approaches to yoga were also address translate spiritual and philosophical texts from the United States and the East. nglish Harvard Oriental Series, Oxford University 50-Volume Eastern Sacred Books and  “W.C.  Norman Brown”, A.K.

Coomaraswamy, Surendranath Dasgupta, Mirzia Eliad, Stella Kramrish, Sarvepalli. Radhakrishnan and “Sir John” Woodruff became increasingly aware of the richness and spiritual practices of Eastern philosophy. People were coming to their own conclusions: the goddess of yoga was defeated in a predominantly Hindu country, but it was not a Hindu sect. Yoga includes seats, but much more than physical posture.  By the end of the 1960s, there was a growing interest in yoga, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, and the deeper dimensions of physical, spiritual, and confusing practices.  On this occasion Swami Rama, the founder of the Himalayan Institute, came to the United States. So,

Science and beyond,

Initially, Swami Rama worked as a yogi based on science.  While living at the Meninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, he conducted a series of evidence-based scientific experiments to show the relationship between mind and body, the heart and the brain.  For example, he praised his yogic ability to voluntarily control what appears to be unwanted activity in the body and nervous system: he stopped the heart by pumping blood for 17 seconds He willingly generated alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, and even during sleep he gained a full understanding of what was going on in the room around him.  He mounted his gaze (trotaca) on a metal knitting needle five feet away and rotated it through an arc of 10 degrees.

During his stay in Swami Rama Meninger, he demonstrated even more subtle yoga skills.  In front of a team of scientists and researchers, he created a tumor on his body and dissected it.  He had blisters on his assistant’s hands to heal in a matter of seconds. Through these experiences and other achievements, he showed that there is a higher reality, a higher power, in human experience.

Because Science has the ability to verify only part of that power – the rest remains a mystery.  Although a large part of this higher power remains inactive, it can be awakened by systematic use. Swami Rama participated in Meninger’s experiments to help people realize that we all have a higher reality, and that this higher reality is us.  Once this reality is realized, all fears disappear.

The essence of the Himalayan message brought by Swami Rama to the West is that freedom from all fears is the birthright of every individual as well as mankind as a whole.

Revealing the mystery of life

Yoga is about connecting with all of us, healing and being aware of the higher reality. It strengthens the body’s connection with the mind It balances the connection between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and restores and strengthens the connection between our physical and emotional parts.

It creates an inner environment where body and mind begin to love, care for and support each other. This body-mind integration created by yoga practice enables us to discover and awaken our passive potential.

When we learn about the deeper dimensions of reality, we realize that life is truly a mystery. Revealing this mystery is the reason we were born.

When we learn about the deeper dimensions of reality, we realize that life is truly a mystery.

Revealing this mystery is the reason we were born.  There are many layers to this mystery.  Our fulfillment and freedom depend on the number of layers of this mystery we uncover. The medium of exposure to these deeper layers is the advanced practices of yoga because

Patanjali’s yoga system lays the foundation for the high practices of our tradition. because  these advanced practices, including sorcery, drip-feeding, and energization, are a confusing or purely spiritual part of our trade ions.

So, according to our tradition, yoga as a spiritual path begins with a formal beginning.  This always happens in a personal background.  Only a lamp that is already lit can light another lamp. So, Therefore, according to tradition, the beginner should receive strict discipline and training.

There are several starting levels.  The first level is the beginning of magic.  Seat training, breathing awareness and mantra meditation are all part of this beginning.

The beginning of the second level consists of meditation on the inner light of our own essence, energy.  In our tradition, inner light is called divine

Mother, Sri Vidya.  Depending on the student’s physical ability, emotional maturity, and intellectual comprehension, he or she may begin to meditate in the center of the nose or between the eyebrows.  This level of training becomes the meditative ion of the lotus flower in the heart.  Drop-splitting (“Pearl of Presence”) is the second step in this endeavor and is a joint effort of teacher and student.

The initial third level is the transmission of energetic, subjective ual energy. So,

The Kundalini energy, which rises to a thousand lotus petals known as the Millennium Chakras, is able to awaken the passive energy within us.  This initial ion ion is a spontaneous awakening by divine grace;  Human effort plays an important role. The internal teacher makes this third start spontaneously only after the student has successfully completed the training related to the second level sequence.

Because From this spontaneous experience we know the truth in its fullness.  The darkness of duality disappears.  This leads us to experience within ourselves. The veil of duality that separates us from the inner divinity is removed. Individual spirit and greatness are intertwined.

These three initial levels and the practices that go with them take us to the highest level of understanding and end with the final (unique) experience. So from these experiences speech and action evolve the values ​​that guide and control our thinking, to love all and to hate all, to embrace all and to exclude nothing. This is the basis for internal healing and lasting change.

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